Code of Conduct

Kaizen High School holds a zero tolerance policy regarding the below matters, whether conducted in physical proximity, through cyber means or otherwise


Sexual Abuse



Attacks & Fraud


As such, we are immediately putting into effect the below code of conduct:
School Mis-Representation and Cyber Conduct:
  • No student is allowed to represent themselves as Kaizen High council members, staff, club executives, members, or as having any position of authority and influence within the school without written consent of the Academic Coordinator or Principal.
  • No student can hold events, on or off campus, as representative of Kaizen High, including purchasing resources, recruiting others or marketing such events on any forum, private or public without the express permission of the Academic Coordinator or Principal.
  • Students are not allowed to operate any social media page on behalf of Kaizen High and all such pages operating without explicit consent of the school are to be immediately deleted. Consequences of non-compliance will be determined by the school’s Disciplinary Committee.
  • No student can post any content, i.e. picture, video or information in regards to any fellow student or staff member on any social media forum. Nor shall they tag said individuals in any post without explicit consent of the individual and School Administration.
  • Likewise, if without approaching the School Administration a respective comment or opinion is posted on the social media, and parent and/or guardian of the effected party against whom the content is posted decides to peruse actions under libel and slander the school shall not allow the student who made the online statement under litigation to attend the school unless legal matters have been resolved.
  • Students cannot operate Whatsapp groups of their respective classes unless authorized by School Administration. It is mandatory for all such academic groups to have the class teacher and the section head on board.
Bullying, Harassment and Enticement:
  • Students shall not behave in a manner ill-befitting a Kaizen High student, including but not limited to inappropriate remarks towards fellow students and faculty, aggressive behavior towards fellow students and faculty, use of profanity, destruction or unlawful commandeering of another’s property, etc.
  • No student will demonstrate hate speech towards individuals of other groups denoted by faith, ethnicity, nationality, identity, gender, or otherwise.
  • No student is permitted to physically or verbally attack another individual, regardless of circumstance. Violators will face strict repercussions from the Disciplinary Committee.
  • Students must behave in an appropriate manner with each other and must not make remarks or express mannerisms that could be perceived as harassment (sexual, physical, emotional or otherwise) by their peers and administrators.
  • The school follows a strict ‘Child Protection Policy’ whereby no faculty member, staff member or otherwise is allowed to reach out or connect to students on social media or WhatsApp groups unless regarding academic purposes.
Fraud and unethical conduct:
  • Students are expected to uphold the highest level of ethical conduct, refraining from activities that could be perceived as cheating, dishonesty or misappropriation of academic materials related to assessments.
Student and Parental Responsibility:
  • In case of any complaint of sexual harassment, the Guardians and the Students are duty-bound to inform School Administration immediately. Strict action will be taken without delay and a Special Committee composed of School Principal, a Female Teacher, Male Teacher, and Female Student Council member will be put together to review the evidences and gain testimony from both victim and accused prior to making their decision. If needed, legal action will be taken against the accused. However, the contents of the complaints are not to be shared on any social media forums unless the School Administration or any competent court of law has declared the accused guilty.
  • In case of any complaint related to bullying, harassment or cyber-crime, the Guardians and the Students are duty-bound to inform School Administration as a matter of urgency. The complaint will be assessed by the Disciplinary Committee, including School Principal, two Faculty Members and two Student Council members. Nevertheless, the contents of the said complaints are not to be shared on any social media forums unless School Administration and Disciplinary Committee, or any competent court of law, has declared the accused guilty.
  • The students as part of Kaizen High must rely on the accountability of the School and not take any independent action.
Grounds for Immediate Expulsion Dismissal without Show Cause.
Respect of Faculty and Admin:
  • Students must demonstrate respectful behavior towards faculty and admin at all times. Any incidents of verbal abuse, profanity, or violation of classroom rules during lecture or online classes may result in immediate expulsion from the school if evidence of guilt has been discovered during investigation of student, faculty and admin accounts.
Misrepresentation of School:
  • Pretending to be, or speaking on behalf of an administrator, director, dean, principal or any faculty member without proper authority in external communication or for the purposes of fraud is grounds for immediate expulsion.
  • Violating code of conduct in events where the school is being represented on or off campus to external parties, whether in academic or extracurricular events can lead to immediate expulsion from the school.
Unauthorized Disciplinary Action / Vigilantism
  • Any instance whereby a student takes the law or authority of the school into their hands for any reason to punish or otherwise harass anyone accused of a crime or offence without due process will be dealt with severely, including expulsion.
  • Any instance where a student incites others to take the law or authority of the school into their hands for any reason to punish any individual or group based on prejudice, bias, allegations or any other reason will be grounds for expulsion.

Please be assured that Kaizen High has zero tolerance policy towards harassment, bullying, personal safety issues, data protection violations, fraudulent behavior, cyber harassment or misconduct as defined above. Kaizen High believes in providing safe academic environment to all its students, and hence if any student is found deviating from the above regulations may be liable to suspension and/or expulsion from school based on the decision of the Disciplinary Committee.

The Disciplinary Committee comprises of School Principal, Activity Coordinator, and Academic Coordinator along with one student representative. Two evidences will be needed to ensure suspension of the student against which a complaint has been received and if the student is found to repeat the violation within the academic year, he/she may be expelled depending on severity and Committee assessment.