College Counseling

College Counselling

At its core, Kaizen High envisions a college counselling program that treats our students’ journeys as uniquely theirs. We disavow a one-size-fits-all approach towards counselling and believe in encouraging each student to become the best version of themselves.
As a result, Kaizen High offers college counselling that is focused, targeted and flexible in its dimensions and takes into account the specific needs and aspiration of each student. Kaizen has a team of full-time counselors dedicated to seeing, knowing and understanding each of their charges as individuals first, and provide them with advice and resources that they need.




Kaizen High welcomes the participation of families in the college process, appreciating the crucial role they have always played in their students’ lives as guides and mentors, while also remaining cognizant of the seismic shifts that the college process can bring to family structures and dynamics. We consider the college application process as an opportunity for families and adolescents to evolve together.
While our counselors focus on the student primarily, we remain accessible to families for check-ins, questions and concerns, by appointment.

A1 Students

A1 is a pivotal time to become aware of where you wish to go, geographically speaking, after high school. During this time, our team of counsellors will give you an overview of the process for each country, be that Pakistan or abroad. Our team of dedicated counsellors will help you understand the various types of schools in US, UK or indeed any other country you are considering. This includes liberal arts schools, state universities and private universities amongst the many other variations we will help you explore.

Our sessions also include giving you an understanding of the different portal for admission and the standardized tests that are required. During this time we also help you delve into your interests by taking part in different extra-curricular activities and electives.

A2 Students

A2 is where we narrow down the processes right at the beginning of the year. Our dedicated counsellors will ask you to fill in an intro form where you’ll divulge your experiences and the lessons learned through them as a first step towards forming your narrative. The counselling team will help you explore what your personality is, your academics, your extra-curricular and personal activities to form a full picture of your potential and ambitions. Whatever you wish to do in life, this is the point when we will help you determine the strongest pathway to achieve your dreams.

This period will be spent in developing your university-specific application materials world over. In process, we will guide you on how best to capitalize on your potential to seek opportunities for further education and beyond.

Know about

Gap Year Students

We realize often how tough it is to navigate through your high school experience and reach your potential. Even Gap Year students who join Kaizen are given full support to explore electives and extra-curricular activities, receiving the full benefit of our mentorship circle as well as college counselling from our resource center.

Resource Center at Counselling Cell

High school is not the end; rather it is just a beginning of an educational adventure that will equip our Lions to be the changemakers that our country needs! Cognizant of the importance of bridging the gap between the future and present, we are committed to providing all our students the best career counseling service across the country to help them explore horizons beyond boundaries.

Summer School

Don’t let the opportunity to use your summer for learning beyond the classroom curriculum! Our team of experienced counsellors will help seek the perfect fit for you.

Choosing your Electives

Music, Art, Philosophy, Science, Numbers! Whatever your interest, you can explore it through Kaizen’s unique electives.

Choosing your Experiential Learning

Explore professional opportunities with internships, work for a cause as a volunteer and much more under the mentorship of our counsellors.

University time!

Kaizen’s Resource Center is ready to assist students with Prep for Standardized Testing whether the SAT, the ACT or entrance exams for local universities!