Career Counselling

High school is not the end; rather it is just a beginning of an educational adventure that will equip our Lions to be the changemakers that our country needs! Cognizant of the importance of bridging the gap between the future and present, we are committed to providing all our students the best career counseling service across the country to help them explore horizons beyond boundaries.

Summer School

Intending to apply to summer school? We can tell you where and why would best benefit the student!

Choosing your Electives

After an in-depth assessment session, our counselors will recommend the electives that best suit the student’s ambition and interests within the school’s curriculum.

Choosing your Experiential Learning

Internships, volunteering, or just a trip to some remote region, our counselors are here to guide you!

University time!

What standardized tests do you need? What major should you apply for? What school would best suit your style of learning and why? What locations should you look at worldwide? Do you meet their criteria? Do they meet yours?! Our Counselors are here to answer these questions and more as you prep to take the next step in your life’s journey.