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Innovation in Education – The Kaizen High Octo-Learning Initiative

Innovation in Education: The Kaizen High Octo-Learning Initiative

Beyond the orthodoxies of the A-levels educational curriculum in the natural and social sciences as well as the Humanities, Kaizen High has instituted a unique graduation requirement for its entire student body: the unique Kaizen High Octo-Learning Initiative. All graduating students must take academic and activity-based electives in Community Development, Aesthetic Refinement, Numerical Skills, Physical Wellness, Money Management, Advancing Critical Thinking, Enhanced Writing Skills as well as Research Prowess. (SUMMARY)

Emulating the core essence of this process of continued holistic growth and development, we at Kaizen High, the Top High School in Lahore, have developed an unparalleled program for those who seek continuous self-growth.

Holistic self-development is a conscious choice to explore more than pre-set parameters. It is a gradual process of discovery that encourages and enables individuals to look beyond one-dimensional perspectives. At Kaizen, through our unique liberal arts curriculum and core courses, we encourage students to amplify their learning of traditional academics with creative learning, research work and critical thinking. Our intensive program seeks to enlighten and empower and ingrain aspirations of continuous creative development.

The Kaizen Philosophy, at Kaizen High, one of the premier High Schools in Lahore, is firmly entrenched in the foundation that is standing on eight core pillars.

1. Community Development and Service

An ideal balance in growth lifestyles is only achievable once an individual gives back in the same vein as he/she has received. We, as individuals are a part of a larger collective i.e our respective communities and in the grander scheme the world at large. At Kaizen, we believe that it is imperative that we grow with our communities and our core curriculum is designed to encourage community development and service.

2. Aesthetic Refinement

Our curriculum aims to inculcate a deeply intrinsic knowledge and appreciation of art forms and cultures from around the world. From exploring the nuances of abstract impressionism to understanding the subliminal politics behind Banksy’s art, at Kaizen we aspire to help individuals understand and appreciate both nature’s and man’s works of art.

3. Numeric Electives

The language of Mathematics has been used to decode and decipher centuries old questions baffling and enlightening academics at the same time. Numbers and technology are imperative to solving modern problems which is why we believe that a proficiency in said electives are key to a well-rounded education.

4. Mindfulness and Wellness

Awareness of conscious evolution, at both an individual level alongside mindful development of communities is the first step towards the creation of a mindful world that lessens the gap between disparate socio-economic groups and promotes a deep appreciation of diversity, equity and inclusion.

5. Money Management

Financial acumen- a necessity in the world of crypto currency, RegTech, FinTech etc. is a skill imperative for the optimal development of the modern individual. Students will be taught the complex mechanics that are an integral part of money management as a part of the core curriculum.

6. Development of Critical Thinking Skills

As part of the liberal arts curriculum at kaizen, students will be encouraged to explore subjects and concepts in the humanities in conjunction with the sciences. This is imperative to the development of a sound, critically evaluating mindset which is what distinguishes a well-rounded student from an academically savvy one. From exploring the plays of William Shakespeare to studying Napoleons war strategies, we at Kaizen aspire to inspire.

7. Enhanced Writing Skills

More often than not, gifted students fail to transfer their brilliant ideas into writing. Development of writing skills is a core principle that Kaizen aims to inculcate into the gifted young individuals aspiring to achieve their goals and dreams. Through workshops on a multitude of genres of writing alongside reviewing, reading and critically evaluating both the classics and modern fiction and non-fiction, the Kaizen student will have his/her ability to translate ideas onto paper as their greatest skill.

8. Research

The process of continuous self-growth and development is incomplete without a keen eye for detail. The ability to conduct research allows for an individual to put the theoretical knowledge they have learnt from books into practice thereby giving practical experience and solutions related to real-world problems. Conducting research is a core value at Kaizen that we encourage all students to partake in.

Our dedication towards our craft can be gleaned from our commitment to provide quality A-level learning during Covid-19, our world-class career counselling that helps students secure university admissions locally and admission in universities abroad and our commitment to the welfare to our students.