Our Programme:

At Kaizen, we are not just preparing children for the transition to a step ahead; we are preparing them for life. We allow children to acquire important life skills at their own pace, using methods that appeal to them, in a flexible classroom environment that can adjust to their current needs and interests.

Our curriculum is thoughtfully planned, challenging, engaging, and developmentally appropriate and focused on meeting the needs of the whole child. All aspects are designed with our core values and key philosophical influences in mind.

Research shows that children who are confident, resilient, have the ability to self-regulate and can communicate well are not only successful in school, they are successful in life. Our preschool program focuses on helping children acquire these vital social

and emotional skills in a supportive and age-appropriate environment.

Our Methodology:

World Class Education:

Balanced focus on our children’s well-being, social and emotional development. Our curriculum encourages curiosity, exploration and creativity.

Personalized Care:

Qualified and nurturing teachers. Low teacher-child ratio.

Innovation Focused Preschool:

Our young learners focus on knowledge discovery over rote-learning to develop the skills needed to become future leaders and innovators.

Digital-Age Technology:

Integrating digital teaching tech and equipment into our curriculum.