Kaizen and “Continuous Growth” is  more than a phrase.

Welcome to Kaizen High & Junior, nestled in the heart of Lahore, where small size, personalized environment, and a homely feel create a closely-knitted community like no other. Step into a world of academic excellence, holistic growth, and a vibrant extracurricular program that nurtures each student’s individuality. Our Octo-Learning initiative posits a mixture of hard and soft skills that prepare students for college life as well as life as productive citizens beyond. Most importantly, perhaps, the Board of Directors recognized the need to take initiative in terms of human capital development and moral nurturing. Kaizen High, therefore, aims to instill critical values in its student body allowing them to be well-rounded contributions to society.

Dr. Shabana Fayyaz as
Principal, Kaizen High

Dr. Shabana Fayyaz, our head of school is well renowned in academic circles as the Head of Department of Defence and Strategic Studies, Quaid-e-Azam University. She is a firm believer in equality and female empowerment and has practiced these values in her own life, fearlessly pursuing harsh subject matter in her intellectual journey. As an academic and policy practitioner in Pakistan, she’s authored books on Pakistan’s response to terrorism, written about Human Security Challenges as well as religious extremism in South Asia alongside the role of women in post-conflict reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Role in Kaizen High:

As a member of the school’s Board of Directors and the School Superintendent at Kaizen High & Junior School, Dr. Shabana oversees several important tasks including hiring staff, managing budgets, monitoring student success, and developing a vision for Kaizen.

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Kaizen High School was founded in 2020 on the principles of a Liberal Arts education, where each student is given the right to create or structure their own academic journey. Often education is seen through a singular lens leaning heavily towards traditional pathways of hard sciences and mathematics limiting our youth to predetermined professions and roles. The value of diversity in academics is a well-established concept world over where a well-balanced economy demands variance in professions. Our students learn to value their own distinctive traits and passions towards successful lives of continuous growth and development. Here at Kaizen High School, we believe potential is only limited by one’s vision and our vision is limitless.

Mission &

Kaizen intends to nurture students to become lifelong learners through a quality education provided in a secure, inclusive and respect driven environment where diversity and independent thinking is valued and discipline is maintained with a strict code of conduct applicable to students and faculty alike.


Fatima Babar


Changing to a new school was both nerve-wracking and exhilarating. However, as the days passed, I found my place among friendly classmates and supportive teachers. The school’s vibrant atmosphere fueled my curiosity and inspired me to explore new subjects and extracurricular activities. Kaizen has become my second home, where I have grown academically, socially, and personally, creating lasting memories and cherished experiences.


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