About Us

Kaizen is a high school program that offers A’levels and youth enrichment programs in the heart of Lahore city. It was founded on a Liberal Arts Philosophy where the tangible and intangible unite to create quality education. Often education has either been the domain of Sciences or rigid in terms of grading, while the size of a school campus is considered to be an indicator of success far more frequently than other attributes. In our school, we want to produce a true quality of education keeping the class sizes and campus small for individualized attention to the students. Further, with a curriculum that includes both arts and sciences, but also gives our future generations opportunity to explore electives that suit their interests or passions, we know we’re creating a holistic student-base best equipped for success.


Kaizen High School was founded in 2020 on the principles of a Liberal Arts education, where each student is given the right to create or structure their own academic journey. Often education is seen through a singular lens leaning heavily towards traditional pathways of hard sciences and mathematics limiting our youth to pre-determined professions and roles. The value of diversity in academics is a well-established concept world over where a well-balanced economy demands variance in professions. Our students learn to value their own distinctive traits and passions towards successful lives of continuous growth and development. Here at Kaizen High School, we believe potential is only limited by one’s vision and our vision is limitless.