Kaizen High believes in letting students carve their own path to individuality, helped along the way by our expert faculty, our world-class facilities, small class sizes to allow individualized attention and a system that adheres to both standardized requirements for global universities and allows the student to demonstrate their potential. With a core-curriculum that covers both arts and sciences and a list of electives that enables exploration of everything in between, we believe that Kaizen High provides the best of all worlds in its holistic academics.

Academics by Division or Interest

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Kaizen High offers rigorous instruction in A Levels Physics, Chemistry and Biology under the guidance of experienced faculty with a track record of inculcating excellence and academic vigor.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Kaizen High offers a well-rounded curriculum in the Humanities and Social Sciences including but not limited to A levels Economics, Business, Accounting Law, Psychology, Sociology and History under the leadership of industry leaders with proven results.