Our mission lies in continuous improvement for students

Kaizen considers service to society a core covenant within its ideology and the best way to give back is through our commitment to deserving students who may lack resources for a quality education. As such, Kaizen HS grants a limited number of scholarships to students based on merit, need and most importantly, ambition.

Scholarships at Kaizen

Scholarships at Kaizen are awarded for a wide scope of accomplishments to provide equal opportunities for the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow.

  • 01

    Merit scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, be that grades or standardized testing, as well as success in fields of art and athletics.

  • 02

    Scholarships will be awarded based on external result for students who took the May/June O Level session.

  • 03

    Scholarships will be awarded to students who choose to take the exams in October/November based on their most recent school exam results, plus any prior CAIE results. However, scholarship decisions may undergo revision in January based on results announced in October/November.

  • 04

    Scholarships are granted based on cumulative point score.