Kaizen Cub

At Kaizen, we are not just preparing children for the transition to a step ahead; we are preparing them for life. We allow children to acquire important life skills at their own pace, using methods that appeal to them, in a flexible classroom environment that can adjust to their current needs and interests.

Our Methodology

Qualified and nurturing teachers. Low teacher-child ratio.

Balanced focus on our children’s well-being, social and emotional development. Our curriculum encourages curiosity, exploration and creativity.

Explore professional opportunities with internships, work for a cause as a volunteer and much more under the mentorship of our counselors.

Integrating digital teaching tech and equipment into our curriculum.

Cub Core Values

We strive to be respectful in all our interactions. We teach our students the importance of being respectful, and view every interaction we have as an opportunity to model to student ways to demonstrate respect.

We are a community of children, teachers and families from a variety of ethnicities, backgrounds, family structures, beliefs, abilities and learning styles. We provide an inclusive environment that welcomes all people who share this approach to diversity and who will join us in celebrating and honoring both our commonalities and our differences.

Our program is designed to meet the HOLISTIC needs of the child. Through a mix of individual, small group and large group activities, our curriculum is designed to meet the social, emotional, physical, sensory, spiritual and academic needs of every child.

We believe children learn through play. Our classrooms and daily schedules provide an environment where children learn through doing; moving from concrete hands-on experience to abstract concept development.

Learning Centers

Learning Centers are a crucial part of our classroom experience. Divided into little pockets of learning space, this approach facilitates children to work at their own pace whereby they maximize their interest and development. Children get to solve problems, exchange ideas with their peers, and learn appropriate social behaviors. Activities at the Learning Center are typically child-initiated; whereby they decide which Center to work in, what materials will be used and which activity will be carried out. Rest assured, teacher supervision and guidance is maintained throughout to ensure a constructive learning experience.

Kaizen’s Mini Farm

Research has proven that a school farm can exponentially impact a child’s development and learning capacity. It nears the capacity to reinforce key concepts in their learning journey and facilitates them to grow into compassionate, self-sufficient and holistic individuals ready to take on the challenges of an ever-evolving world. Here are a few key areas of learning that a school farm helps inculcate in a child’s development:
• Develops Caring Learners
• Promotes Scientific Discovery
• Fosters Environmental Stewardship
• Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle
• Enhances Literacy and Language Skills
• Facilitates Learning Beyond Confines of the Classroom


STEM Learning Curricula

STEM is a carefully crafted globally-renowned method of learning for young children that prioritizes lessons around Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We inculcate these methods of learning within the curriculum to encourage the child to think critically, and make collaborative efforts for innovative ideas. STEM activities consist of a plethora of learning techniques that help students explore, discover and create projects beneficial for their mental stimulation. Here are a few key areas of learning that STEM helps inculcate in a child’s development:
• Develops Confidence
• Promotes Creative Exploration
• Sustain Lifelong Communication Skills
• Ability to Innovate Ideas
• Learn Soft and Hard Skills to Succeed in Life
• Fosters Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


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