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Kaizen is Lahore’s leading school, offering a comprehensive educational journey from early years to A-Levels. Strategically situated in the heart of Lahore, the school operates across two campuses. The Gulberg campus accommodates students from pre-nursery to 5th grade, while the Garden Town campus caters to students from 6th grade through A-Levels.

What sets Kaizen High apart from other schools is its commitment to a Liberal Arts philosophy. This approach harmoniously integrates tangible and intangible elements to deliver a high-quality education. At Kaizen, we firmly believe in putting students first, ensuring their needs and aspirations are at the forefront of our educational practices.

Named after Plato, an Athenian philosopher from the Classical period in Ancient Greece, the Plato Forum at Kaizen was founded by our Deputy Head Boy Shahwaiz Ahmed Hashmi to provide students a platform to think and debate on philosophical ideas. In 387 B.C. Plato established the Academy, first institution of higher learning in the Western world, where philosophers debated on a wide array of topics and philosophical theories. Plato Forum at Kaizen aims to replicate Plato’s Academy, since we believe that no education is complete without philosophy and the ability to think. The Forum has already conducted several sessions and will soon open its membership to students from other schools

Kaizen Events


Kaizen SportsFest 2022

Sportsfest is one of the highly anticipated events at Kaizen. It brings together students from various schools across the city, making it one of the biggest sporting events for students from 6th grade till A-Levels. The event showcases a wide range of sports and provides a platform for friendly competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Participants demonstrate their skills, determination, and passion for sports, fostering a sense of camaraderie and school spirit.

Kaizen MUN 2022

Kaizen MUN (Model United Nations) is a prestigious event that stands out as one of the top MUN conferences in Lahore. It attracts talented students from different schools who engage in thought-provoking debates and discussions about global issues. Delegates represent various countries, offering their perspectives, proposing resolutions, and working collaboratively to find solutions to real-world problems. Kaizen MUN provides a platform for intellectual growth, diplomatic skills, and critical thinking.

Kaizen Octave 2022

Kaizen Octave is an exciting arts event that celebrates creativity and talent among our students. It encompasses multiple categories, including movies, music, dance, and visual art. Students showcase their artistic abilities, expressing themselves through their chosen medium. The event not only highlights their artistic skills but also encourages exploration, self-expression, and appreciation for the arts. Kaizen Octave provides a platform for students to shine and fosters a vibrant artistic community within the school.

Our Faculty

Probability to Possibility, learn how to interpret your entrepreneurial dreams and capitalize on your authentic self in Aatik Tasneem’s classroom. A strong believer in limitless ambition and drive, Aatik’s classes are a lesson in pushing the boundaries of market reality.Delve into the world of finance, marketing, organizational studies, management and operations to study market dynamics and stack up your Rolls. Business Studies with Aatik is more than just a class – it’s an experience where creativity and critical thinking sizzle and all roads lead to success.
Dive into the value of Mathematics with Zain UI Afaq! Arrangement Permutations, Combinations, Geometry to Probabilities, learn with the founder of Zainematics, a one-of-a-kind full-function Mathematica resource founded by Sir Zain! You have only to listen to a few seconds of his instruction, on video or in class, to understand the meaningful resonance Zain finds in numbers and their versatile Numbers that compose symphonies, art, and industry. Decipher the universe in a language understood by all with the brainiacs out there with Sir Zain.
Nausher Alam, a renowned physicist, is all set to take you on an intriguing journey exploring the concept of perpetual motion and its design, the ‘overbalanced wheel’. With his expertise in K-Kinematics, Nausher is determined to assist you in developing critical thinking skills and reaching conclusions on these fundamental questions of physics. By delving into the conversion of heat and the possibilities of energy preservation, Nausher invites you to embark on a thought-provoking quest toward discovering the secrets of the universe. Join him on this fascinating journey and unlock the mysteries of perpetual motion devices!
Let there be Math… Let its first guardian be Sir Ahsan Jawad. Perhaps one of the most popular teachers in the entire city, Sir Asan Jawad represents poise, grace, elegance, and competence. As a maestro of mathematics, Sir Ahsan takes great pleasure in turning a complex subject into a breeze that even reluctant mathematicians can enjoy and learn well. Sir Ahsan’s legend and reputation are assets to the Kaizen High community and we wholeheartedly believe that his involvement with us will take our project and vision to new heights.
Beyond his love for the mountains, Sir Zeeshan is known for his love of numbers, financial statements and accounting wizardry. Apart from his impressive experience and qualifications, Sir Zeeshan is known for making accounting accessible: a subject not just necessary for practical success but one that can also be explored in-depth for its wonderful theory. We are delighted to have him be a part of our team. Student comment: “A perfect amalgamation of a life advisor and accounting maestro.”
Saad Farooq Ziai is an animal rights activist, a biologist known for pioneering genetics and biology workshops for O and A level students, an environmentalist and a musician!This multitalented MPhil holder and Ph.D scholar in Biotechnology keeps students amused and engaged with his subject matter tying in real life to theoretical concepts. His personal interests in gene cloning, inheritance and technology mean his classroom gets the best of cutting edge research and explore ideas of innovation regularly, helping the students develop curiosity for what else lies beyond the horizon within Biological concepts.
With an unconventional yet effective teaching method, Sir Umer Khan’s ideology leads every student to succeed in their CAlE examinations. His charisma and charm allow for all his pupils to be captivated, painting an illustrious picture of events. He shuns redundancy and route learning, embracing conceptual and real-world applications of the course. This allows pupils to carry this knowledge with them beyond the point of sitting for academic tests. His approachable and friendly nature encourages students to ask questions and clear out any queries. Always putting in the extra effort and time, he ensures that no pupil returns home with the need to refer to any other resources besides his lectures.
Another name for sincerity and dedication, Sir Mohsin Jawad is a role model for his students and peers alike. As one of the city’s most renowned physics teachers, sir Mohsin Jawad has cultivated years of goodwill and with his passion for the subject, transformed many a life. As an educationist, Sir Mohsin warms the hearts of his students with relatable anecdotes and explains even the toughest physics concepts with grace and ease. We are delighted to have a part of our Kaizen High community.
In the circles of legal practice and legal teaching, Ms. Tiwana is an institution in her own right. A jack of all trades and a master of even more, Ms. Tiwana brings to the table extensive experience and skill with handling students that remains unrivaled. She takes the time to explain complex legal concepts, encourages questions, and provides feedback that helps you improve.
Beyond his passion for chemistry, Professor Haseeb Shafique is renowned for his deep appreciation of the elements, his mastery of chemical equations, and his ability to make complex concepts accessible to all. In addition to his extensive academic background and qualifications, Professor Shafique is celebrated for his dedication to unraveling the fascinating world of chemistry, both in its practical applications and its captivating theoretical underpinnings. We are thrilled to welcome him to our team.
Student comment: “A remarkable combination of a mentor and a chemistry genius.”
Afiya Arif, the English literature guru, has a teaching style that’s simply extraordinary. Instead of dull memorization, she guides students on a lively exploration of literary wonders. Her welcoming approach encourages questions, making her lectures the only resource students need. Afiya isn’t just an English literature teacher; she’s a literary wizard who sparks a lasting love for the written word.
Rabiya Malik, an exceptional sociology teacher, employs an innovative teaching approach that ensures both academic success and a profound understanding of societal dynamics. Her engaging demeanor captivates students, fostering a rich learning experience that transcends exams. Emphasizing real-world applications over rote memorization, she equips her pupils with lasting knowledge. Her open and encouraging nature invites questions and queries, and she invests extra time and effort to ensure thorough comprehension, eliminating the need for external resources. Rabiya Malik is not just a teacher; she is a mentor who ignites a passion for sociology and a broader perspective on the world, making her an exceptional educator in the field.

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