Kaizen’s First Year in Review

Kaizen finds its philosophy deeply entrenched in the notion of providing a complete and holistic Liberal Arts edification through its unique Octo-Goals initiative that decorates students with the skills they will need to succeed in their academic, professional, and personal lives. Beyond the binaries of education, Kaizen gives new meaning to schooling as its curriculum encapsulates theoretical and practical electives that are rooted in Community Development, polishing Numerical Skills, facilitating Mindfulness and Physical Wellness, appreciating Aesthetic Refinement, teaching Money Management, Advancing Critical Thinking, and enhancing Writing and Research Skills.

Kaizen understands the need for a student-centric approach, and hence it has developed its administrative agenda in such a way that its efforts are channeled into providing the student body with the means that they deem fit in collaboration with the institution. Kaizen prides itself on its open-door policy as its transparency and approachability have been illustrated impeccably within its first year of operation. Such a welcomed change of pace has allowed for seamless communication that has enabled the school to function like a well-oiled machine.

Kaizen aims to provide quality over quantity and hence, unlike its contemporaries, its low student-to-teacher ratio and small class sizes enable the school to focus on supplementing the productivity of each and every pupil so as to extract their full potential. The faculty has been curated with great focus on not only outstanding teaching ability, but also pays considerable attention into the development of facets facilitating personal growth as Kaizen views high-school not as an end but as a means to an end.

The institution’s understanding of the culture of academic exploitation prevalent amongst the country leads it to offer its students with opportunities and pathways that they need, hence Kaizen offers in-school SAT classes and testing facilities that replicate external exam conditions, offering students with an environment that fosters their preparation in an unmatched manner. The school is also cognizant of hurdles that affect a student’s educational journey; hence it offers its deserving students with a number of scholarships and bursaries so that nothing stands in the way of their success. Kaizen also schedules its internal examinations and assignments around the dates of external tests as it recognizes the significance of these assessments and hence prioritizes its students’ efforts and focus accordingly.

In its first year alone, Kaizen was not only able to translate its philosophy within the framework of its diverse and talented student body, but was also able to garner exemplary academic and extra-curricular achievements based off of such ideals. The Kaizen Lions have made the institution proud with their stellar University and Summer School acceptances. For the first time in Lahore, Kaizen accomplished the unprecedented feat of obtaining an Ivy League and a Cambridge acceptance in its first year of operations! Kaizen is overjoyed at its students finding their higher education avenues at remarkable institutions such as Cornell’s Dyson School of Business, Cambridge University, Imperial College London, Northwestern University, Kings College London, and the University of St. Andrews- with scholarships offered from NYU ($53,500 per annum) and the University of Miami (The Singer Award 100% scholarship). Kaizen has also aided its A1 students in securing a wealth of opportunities such as the Stanford Summer School and Georgetown Summer School programs, as well as the an acceptance at the Global Young Leaders Conference.

Decorated with such an edification, Kaizen is confident that its students will go on to achieve great feats and will obtain exemplary success in all their future endeavors. As the school bids farewell to its very first batch of students, it can attest to the fact that over the course of its first year, the school has taken a talented pool of individuals and shaped them into the leaders of tomorrow. As the Kaizen family grows so does the institution’s determination to carry forth this same enthusiasm and mirror the same ideals, translating them onto its future Lions.

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