Event Life

Kaizen SportsFest

Sportsfest is one of the highly anticipated events at Kaizen. It brings together students from various schools across the city, making it one of the biggest sporting events for students from 6th grade till A-Levels. The event showcases a wide range of sports and provides a platform for friendly competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Participants demonstrate their skills, determination, and passion for sports, fostering a sense of camaraderie and school spirit.

Kaizen MUN

Kaizen MUN (Model United Nations) is a prestigious event that stands out as one of the top MUN conferences in Lahore. It attracts talented students from different schools who engage in thought-provoking debates and discussions about global issues. Delegates represent various countries, offering their perspectives, proposing resolutions, and working collaboratively to find solutions to real-world problems. Kaizen MUN provides a platform for intellectual growth, diplomatic skills, and critical thinking.

Kaizen Octave

Kaizen Octave is an exciting arts event that celebrates creativity and talent among our students. It encompasses multiple categories, including movies, music, dance, and visual art. Students showcase their artistic abilities, expressing themselves through their chosen medium. The event not only highlights their artistic skills but also encourages exploration, self-expression, and appreciation for the arts. Kaizen Octave provides a platform for students to shine and fosters a vibrant artistic community within the school.

Negotium x Kaizen

Negotium is Lahore’s premier Business event that aims to foster entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen among students, allowing them to showcase their skills, creativity, and innovative ideas. The competition consists of engaging categories which test participants’ abilities to develop business plans, make strategic decisions, and present their ideas effectively. Thereby, students have the opportunity to gain valuable real world experience, network with other like-minded individuals, and potentially win a grand prize. It is an opportunity to dive deep into the world of business, expand your network, and engage in knowledge-sharing like never before.


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